Emergency Contingency Planning

Emergency Contingency Planning

Are you prepared for when disaster strikes?

Disaster can strike at any time, and the unpredictability of such an event makes it important to be prepared. Satellite devices are an essential emergency back-up communicator in a crisis, as they are constantly connected to their respective networks, even in the worst circumstances.

Highly reliable and robust, satellite communications prove vital as a contingency when usual terrestrial networks risk being wiped out by catastrophic events. Disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and fires make on-ground landline and cellular networks vulnerable of being disabled, leaving users with no form of communication. Satellite networks do not rely on ground-based infrastructure, and are instead made up of orbiting satellites, so they can provide vital emergency voice and data connections even when you’re remotely isolated.

Being prepared for the worst applies not only to unforeseen natural events, but extends to network outages, possible blackouts and potential scares, which can leave standard telephone lines ineffective. Natural disasters have a high likelihood of disabling terrestrial communications for a long period of time making satellite devices the only dependable form of communication.

Having a satellite device in an emergency keeps you protected, providing a constant and reliable connection for vital voice and data connectivity. Many satellite devices available also have SOS emergency capabilities, transmitting a GPS signal with location tracking, which can be a crucial life-line.

Additionally, satellite devices also prove an important lifeline during recreational activities, such as mountain climbing, sailing, hiking, hunting, mountain biking, and many other recreational activities that take place in remote areas across the world.

Cellhire provides portable, reliable and robust devices for emergency preparation and disaster response/recovery. Devices can be rented on short and long-term plans or can be purchased - Cellhire has a plan that will meet your needs. Lightweight and portable satellite communicators can be carried with you, put into an emergency kit or stored away for peace of mind.

For more information on how to plan for an emergency, or to order your satellite device, contact a Cellhire Satellite Specialist today.