Push To Talk

Two-way radio feature for group rentals

Push to Talk technology is useful in a number of applications. From Events that require constant communication for security, hospitality and catering teams to construction groups that need managed resources on a job site, the technology has become a must have across multiple industries.

Push to Talk customers value the convenience and productivity of being able to initiate a one to one call or a group call with the push of a button and instantly communicate a message over the handheld device’s speaker (vs. taking the time to dial, answer, go through greetings, etc., all before getting down to business).


Push to Talk provides all of the conveniences of a walkie-talkie without the constraints of the signal range.

For example, a group leader can communicate location and delivery instructions over Push to Talk faster than it would take most drivers to answer a ringing phone. For a construction worker, hearing messages burst out of a speaker on their handset is more convenient than putting down tools and removing gloves to answer a standard phone call. Since Push to Talk calls are made with one person speaking at a time, they are typically more informal and business-focused than a standard phone call.

We can supply as few as two units to as many as needed to cover your event on a short or long term basis. We have units on both the Verizon and Sprint networks with the option of either a simple flip-phone or a smartphone with the Push to Talk app loaded which allows a single device to provide both voice and data capabilities.

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