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Iridium Coverage Map

iridium coverage map

Iridium is the world’s only truly global satellite communication network. Having the highest number of satellites of any network, global coverage is achieved with 66 low earth orbiting (LEO), cross-linked satellites, known as the “world’s largest commercial constellation”.

Iridium is the furthest reaching, most reliable and most dependable mobile satellite communications network. Unparalleled in service, Iridium provides high-quality voice and data connectivity across every inch of the world’s surface, including land, sea, sky and the Polar Regions.

Iridium solutions, including voice and data devices, are a great choice for those travelling around the world in need of reliable coverage. Known as the ‘walk and talk’ network, Iridium solutions are great for hikers, adventurers and campers, giving you coverage even in the most remote locations.

They are a perfect contingency for travelers out of cellular coverage who need to rely on critical communication lifelines when they need them most. Satellite devices are ideal for those that work in industries such as maritime, aviation, government, military, emergency services, forestry, oil and gas, heavy equipment, transportation and utilities.

iridium globe

How does Iridium cover the whole planet?

The Iridium network consists of 66 operational low earth orbiting satellites, and 9 spare in-orbit satellites. As the largest constellation, closer to earth than any other network (780 kilometers above Earth), the satellites can provide full global coverage to users needing access to mobile services with limited latency. The 66 satellites are also cross-linked, and often overlap, eliminating all possible network gaps. This ensures users are able to find a connection anywhere, even when on the move.

Although promising global coverage, Iridium complies with U.S. embargo restrictions. It is important you research local laws before you travel as some countries don’t permit the use of satellite phones. Prohibiting countries include: Afghanistan, China, Cuba, India, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Sudan. Each country is different and regulations may change without notice. Always check with the local Consulate or Customs offices for information.

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